Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Showin' Off!

Hey Y'all! 
Well the ole Bloom Loom FINALLY got it's workout this past weekend!
I ordered all of that synthetic raffia and went to work!  There are SO many uses for the flowers that can be made and after brainstorming with my students this morning, I found even MORE ideas.
Here's a picture of two flowers that I've made so far.  They were put into thrift store frames and I am completely smitten with them!  They'll be in my Etsy Shoppe right after this!

Also, Robbie graduated from daycare this past Thursday night, I emceed the talent show at my school, we had soccer finale Saturday morning, and then I collapsed on the couch for the rest of the weekend, other than going to church.

Sunday night a terrible thunderstorm came through while we were at church.  It knocked the power out and my poor little piggy fingers never even struck a single piano key.  Church was dismissed early and here's what we drove into the yard and saw:

We are so thankful that we weren't home when those horrible winds blew the front corner's siding plumb off the house!  So now we are on the phone and fax with our insurance company hoping to get everything taken care of, after a stinkin' $500.00 deductible.  UGH!
This is our last week of school and I have two days next week to work to finish up the year.  I will hear Friday from our principal, where I'll be assigned next year.  The last word I got from her was 6th or 7th grade math--probably NOT AIG.  So...we'll keep praying and waiting.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!  Enjoy the pictures from the weekend....

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