Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodbye Long Weekend, Hello Countdown to Summer!

Hey Y'all!  Did everybody have a great LONG weekend?  Whew...we sure did!    It was just so CRAZY busy!
Saturday morning we had our last soccer game of the season!  Robbie's team won!
After the soccer game, we drove to the cemetery where my grandparents are buried.  After the storms last week, I wanted to check and make sure the flowers were still on the tombstone.  Of course they were not, but someone at least had put all of the "stray" arrangements in one area and I was able to find theirs!
After that  me and my sister dropped off Big Daddy and Robbie at The Doublewide and headed out to do a little shopping!  Her and Chad (my BIL) are expecting their first baby during late September.  She's finally had to get some maternity clothes and I got to go with her!
THEN...I had to be on the baseball field by 6:00 PM.  I played on a team to help our small town raise money to build a park!  You can go to my Facebook page and look at the tagged pictures of me if you'd like!  It was CRAZY fun!
Sunday morning we had a very nice Memorial Day service at church honoring the fallen soldiers of our country and then that afternoon we had Family Day at church.  We had hot dogs and hamburgers with lots of laughs while we watched folks play corn-hole and other games.  It was SO hot though...ugh
Finally I was able to do some laundry and cleaning yesterday!  We all slept late and worked around the house.  My BIL Chad grilled steaks and we had salads, baked potatoes, zuchinni/squash for supper! 
We have nine school days left counting today.  Having that long weekend spoiled me!  I can't wait for summer break!  
I'll be putting some pics soon of recent happenings!  Have a wonderful day! 

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Melissa said...

Right there with you on the ready for summer part! The long weekend sure was nice...maybe it will sustain me until June 9! That's the last day for students, and then I have to work until June 14.