Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In It Up To My Eyeballs!!

CALGON!!  TAKE ME AWAY!!Hey y'all!  I hope you're having a great week and that you're being productive like we are, here at
The Doublewide!  First of all, My Big Daddy is
He removed those cheap wire shelves in the pantry and replaced them with real wood ones!  I LOVE it and had fun throwing out 3 trash bags of old dishes, misc. lids, and expired food.  By expired, I mean like it was old in 2008!  HAHAHAH!  Here's the new pantry shelves!

Next, I took down all of my apple decor in the kitchen.  We're getting ready to paint the cabinets black and the walls Lime Green!  I know, RIGHT?!  It's so gonna rock!!  I've moved the apple stuff, (what I wanted to keep), to the back porch/slash/laundry room.  I think it livened up the dreary room!

Now, I'm getting REAL here!  Here's the kitchen, as it looks RIGHT NOW.  Oh, how this pains me to show you and to let you see how horrible it has become!  It so looks like a big mess--and, well, it IS!  SO....the doors to all of my cabinets are gone and we're getting ready to do some painting!  I'm excited about completing it and then letting you see how hard we've worked when it's all done!!

Also, in the den/living room is a double sided fireplace.  That's getting ready to LEAVE, because I'm tired of it being in the middle and not being able to use the living room for anything except to throw junk in.  Even though the picture is upside down, you can see what a big project this is gonna be!

Big Daddy has sawdust all over him and I caught him taking a rest!

Oh Lord help me!  This is my sewing table right now.  I'm not going to tackle this until the kitchen is done though, but I can't wait to get it completed so that I can function!

Bought this HUGE frame at my local thrift shop for $7.50.  Spray painted it black and added some cup hooks on the sides, which you can't see.

Added some dowel rods that were also spray painted, and then put my ribbon rolls on those rods.  These rods are too flimsy, so it's off to Hobby Lobby this evening to get thicker ones to hold the ribbon so they won't buckle!  UGH!
So, what are YOU doing?!  Comment and let me know!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am trying to organize my thrifting items into sell and store. Yikes!

Freddie said...

we is doing 'bout duh same thang! our mess is to' up from duh flo' up and we has need of some hepp! precious LORD take my hand! let us from dis' dirty land!

Country Whispers said...

We're not doing much here other than fully enjoying our summer break.
Can't wait to see your newly painted kitchen and love the ribbon caddy that you've made.

Cheryl said...

So what am I doing, laughing at you. I did that 3 years ago when we moved into the house. Gave away and trashed tons of stuff, have not missed one thing.

Good Luck and I can't wait to see the new colors.

Melissa said...

I usually have a lot of summer projects too...must be a teacher thing! We're busy with VBS and swimming lessons the rest of this week and next week, but then I've got to get going on a project!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

This ole girl ain't doing much of anything 'cept working and going to VBS this week at our church!!

Can't wait to see the "after" pics!! Know it's going to look awesome!


Nancy M. said...

Seem like you're doing good tackling everything! I would love to have some wood shelves like that, they look nice! My kitchen cabinets are an unorganized mess!