Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weekly Post, a week late

Hey Y'all!
I am so sorry that it's been two weeks since I posted anything. Life is just going on here at The Doublewide in full swing.
Since this is my favorite season, we're not inside a lot!
Last week was our town's annual Country Fest! Me, my sister, and her mother-in-law, Jan all three had booths that were next to each other. I sold my jewelry from the Spring/Summer Line of Just Jewelry! I also made a whopping $425.00 and I have two girls that want to sign up to sell it along with me! I'm so excited about their opportunities with this company and can't wait to get them started.
We've also been doing some shopping. I had to get Big Daddy a new pair of Sunday shoes and Robbie had to have a whole new wardrobe--with three pairs of shoes to beat! That boy is just GROWING like a weed as my mammaw would say!
Speaking of mammaw, she's still doing ok, but is NOT wanting to move in over here with us. Bless her heart, she thinks that she would be a burden on all of us by living here, but it would be much easier on me if she did! A lot of y'all have let me know that you're praying for us, so please don't stop!
Yesterday we took some time off and went to an apple orchard about 2 hours away. You can check them out at and if you live in NC, please make plans to go there! It's wonderful and VERY kid friendly. They have a petting zoo, hayrides, homemade apple cider, homemade apple cider doughnuts, and of course, apples. You can pick your own or you can just purchase some there.
I've got lots to do this morning. My house is a wreck, just like it is at the end of every other week. I'm also going to my friend Catherine's in a bit for a sell your gold party! I'm parting with my charm bracelet, if and ONLY IF, I get enough for it. I hope to get enough cash to purchase one of these: They're from Amazon and they're called a KINDLE. This is the 2nd model and it will hold up to 1, 500 books. You can just turn it on and read whenever! I am loving this little thing and have been lusting over it for about 2 weeks now.
Also, I've been getting Robbie's Halloween costume together.
I hope you have a great day today! It's raining here and besides the Sell Your Gold party and a trip to the grocery store for Mammaw, we have nowhere we have to be today! WHOO-HOO!
Enjoy the pictures of us yesterday at the apple orchard!


Cheryl said...

Love your pics, had been wondering if all was good with you. On the way to Pigeon Forge, looked for you in Gastonia. hehehe

Now you have to share how you made the black/white with orange pic.

Looks like a new hair style, lookin good!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Great pics, Michelle!! I missed out on the Countryfest this year...we were headed back from Hilton Head that day, otherwise, I would have definitely been there!!

What's next said...

cute cute! Think we are going to pick apples next weekend. Have a good week!