Friday, February 28, 2014

Unexpected Day Off...YAY!

Hey Y'all
I am so excited to share that I got the day off today.
My daddy had some things he needed to get done and since mama needs someone with her at all times, I took the day off.
We have had a pretty good day.
Her Hospice nurse and CNA came out this morning and gave her a bath.  While here, her blood pressure was checked.  It was 106 over 66.  That's a little low for her, but it was good.
I did manage to get about 6-8 bites of applesauce in her AND she took her morning pills.  We've not been giving those to her lately because she isn't doing well swallowing all of the time.
I've sat around and done some crochet, played a few games on Facebook, and enjoyed spending the day with her.
Hope things are well your way!

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