Friday, April 13, 2012

We're on vacation in East Tennessee with our friends, Freddie and Kay Combs this week.  Tonight is our last night as we'll be leaving around lunch time tomorrow.

Our plans in the morning are to go to a few yard sales and then head to The Farmer's Daughter for a great breakfast before we head home.

There's a list of a few things I've either seen, thought about, or experienced while on our getaway this week.

I'm making a list now so that I can remember everything when we get home.

Here goes:
1.  Find a great pecan sandie type shortbread cookie recipe

2.  Find a cornbread salad recipe--make it and share!!

3.  Get a Knit-Wit

4.  Decide on the kind of head band/wrap pattern to make and get busy!
5.  Work on fabric yo-yo's.  They WILL become a quilt topper this winter.
Source: via Jalet on Pinterest

6.  Decide whether or not I want to try again with cold-process soaps.  Is the $$ worth the outcome?

7.  Work on getting the craft room together and organize for at least 30 minutes daily until success is reached!
8.  Class novel....Surviving the Applewhites or Where the Red Fern Grows?!
9.  Make the jar button holder thingie--to look something like shown below:

10.  Make THIS ASAP!

That's plenty until Summer Vacation gets here!  I hope you've found something that interests you too!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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GoodCookinMama said...

Where the Red Fern Grows! I remember us reading it in school, it was one of my absolute favorites :)