Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Sometimes I think I may have been born during the wrong era.  I love all things vintage and antique.  I enjoy wondering how they did things "back in the day."
I'm sure part of the reason was my Pappaw Fred.  He would tell us so many stories while we were growing up.  Pappaw was a true historian--no doubt.
I love my job and I love having indoor plumbing, electricity, cars, air conditioning, etc.
But sometimes I enjoy thinking of what it would be like to not HAVE to work and just wonder if I could have thrived or barely survived during The Great Depression times.
I have been experimenting with making my own soy wax candles lately.  They're so much fun to make, I can control the amount of scent I put into each one, and they're pretty inexpensive to make.  So far I've made the following scents:  Apple Jack N Peel, Blueberry Cobbler, Birthday Cake, Banana, Frosted Carrot Cake and Hillbilly Homebrew. (<---Smells like toasted pecans, vanilla, sugared plums, and red hot cinnamon sticks.  Just like Tony the Tiger used to say, "It's GREAT!")
So yesterday afternoon, I was looking around on Youtube for some candle and soap making videos.  (Now I'm getting back to the reason of this post to begin with!  Sheesh!)
I came across Misty.  She's a "homesteader" with her husband whom she calls Mountain Man.  They have some children (not sure how many) and they live in Tennessee.
She is amazing.  Makes her own butter, cans bacon, cooks on a wood stove, and makes their home a success.  Bless her heart!  She works SO hard!
Anyway...I'll include two of my favorite videos of hers.  The first was actually a soap-making video where she visits her friend Marsha.  Here you go:

WOW!  Embedding a video from Youtube was SO easy!  Y'all are in trouble now!
And here's my favorite....
How to make Strawberry Jam

I hope y'all have a wonderful day!

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Charlotte said...

Sorry, but I don't want to go backwards. If that makes you happy, then go for it. I'm just not the Suzy Homemaker type :-)