Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I realize I haven't blogged in 14 days.  It's ok with me.
Right now I have a lot going on and I'm gearing up for the holidays and a trip to Tennessee soon.

Please set your DVR's tomorrow night for TLC (The Learning Channel) and watch our friends, Freddie and Kay Combs on a TV Show called, "Ton of Love".
Click HERE for more information.
If you look at the pictures included with the article, Freddie and Kay are in #2, #3, and #4.  I can't wait to see this show tomorrow night!  10PM Eastern Time....

To the right are some pictures from my college days with Freddie!
Freddie and I met way back in 1989 while we were freshmen at Mars Hill College.  We were both music majors and instantly became friends.  He is a male form of me and I'm a female form of him.  We're both bossy, demanding, musically inclined, hilarious (well---in our own minds at least), close to our grandparents, Southern and proud, Christians, love to eat, family oriented, and many other things.  One of our favorite things to do when we were in college was to call each other on the phone and just start laughing for no reason.  I'm talking about the kind of laughter that is borderline insanity and you're near peeing your pants, or you've already passed that point and couldn't care less! 
We talk daily on the phone, if possible and I think of him and his wife as our dear friends.  Please make sure you catch their show!  You'll be blessed and glad you did.
Also, I'm asking that y'all pray for my best friend Sharon's mother.  Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer awhile back and is not doing well at all right now.  Last week they drained a little over a liter of fluid from her lungs as she has pneumonia and was having difficulties breathing.  They took her back to the hospital yesterday morning and she is still there.  Please pray for Linda---for peace---for healing---for strength---to feel God's presence.  Please pray also for the medical staff tending to her, and for Linda's dear family.  I have grown up at her house.  Sharon and I were in kindergarten together and are very close.  You know how it is when your best friend's going through a hard time and you want to be right there with them.
Hope you all have a good afternoon!

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tanya manuel said...

i just caught the show and i love them. You can tell they truely love each other and i am planning to watch it from now on i am glad he is attempting to do things on his own although it is hard he is truely a fighter,i am over weight and understand the criticism they deal with on a daily bases. please if you talk to them let them know that tanya and chris from kennett missouri are praying for them both thanks email babygirl_69_84_2004@yahoo.com or on facebook tanya manuel you can give them my email if you like