Friday, October 8, 2010

Time for the FAIR!

Hey Ya'll!  Have you missed me?  Sure you have!
I've been so busy--but who hasn't?!
Everything is back to normal with my gall bladder removal surgery.  I feel great!
We took Robbie to the Cleveland County Fair this past Tuesday night.  He had so much fun!  Even won a little 25 cent penguin for $3.00 when he hit a balloon with a dart on his first try!  Enjoy the pics!
This picture below shows a ring Big Daddy found while just waiting on Robbie to ride the teacups.  I debated turning it in, but knew whoever I gave it to would be sliding it on her finger just like I could, so I just kept it.

Overview of the Fair during the day

Robbie loved the Teacups!


Big Daddy and Robbie--my two sweethearts for sure!

On his favorite ride...

Funny Face!

My favorite Fairgrounds treat!

Fat Girls' Delight!

I know, right?!  Couldn't you just DIE?!

And what would a fair be without Funnel Cake?

Robbie with his Pop Pop and MiMi!
We laughed at this picture after it was taken!  I told MiMi she looked like the virgin Mary with that Ferris Wheel Halo!

OK---so nobody told me that our shoes had to go inside of the burlap bag's flap.  Hence the getting stuck 3 times coming down this giant FUN SLIDE, and me having to do the "Pelvic Inchworm" move to get us down!  HILARIOUS!

Have a wonderful weekend!  If you live near Cleveland County, NC--make sure you go to the fair.  It was wonderful!


Melissa said...

Gotta love the fair! Ours is coming up in about a month, and we're already making plans. My favorite fair food is the funnel cakes, for sure! Glad to hear you're on the mend!

rebecca pearson said...

Hey welcome back. I check your blog everyday. Glad you are feeling better. i'm taking my family to the fair today.

Cheryl said...

Big Baddy did good, love the ring. Have not been to a fair in years. The last one in our area was a real waste, looks like you found a great one!

Amy H. said...

I haven't visited your log in so long! I deleted my old one and started a new with more pics... and an entirely different theme. Gotta read through your pasts posts. I'm craving funnel cake now... thanks! :)