Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow and Ice Makes Me Hungry...

Surely I'm not the only one right?  Every. Single. Time. it snows or ices around here, I'm constantly hungry.  I will blow more money than necessary at the grocery store in preparation.  Toilet paper, candles, batteries, flashlights, water?  Ppsshh...I'm more like, "Doritos, eggs, potatoes, cheese, coffee, snacks, etc.  HAHA!!!!
Tonight was no different.
My daddy had two strokes on July 29th---the same exact day I had sepsis after diverticulitis surgery. He's still unable to walk, but can maneuver around his home and still have his independence.
Today was Day #3 of the Snow/Ice and I couldn't bear to think of staying inside The Doublewide anymore!
I showered, got everything together, Robbie showered, and off we went.  First I took Robbie to eat lunch at our favorite "Sit Down and Let 'Em Cook for You Japanese Restaurant" called Shogun.  It's delicious!!!
Our lunch for the two of us, was $32 with an $8 tip.
Here's what I got at one of my favorite thrift shops:

A Double Flat Vintage Sheet to sell on Ebay
My Cost:  $1.50

Another Double Flat Vintage Sheet to sell on Ebay
My Cost:  $1.50
 I actually found these shoes in the aisle with old school supplies and games.  I couldn't find a size on them but as soon as I picked them up, I noticed how light weight they were.  Lo and Behold they're CROCS and they fit!  The fact that I got them for $3.50 was a BONUS!!!

 After a trip to Wal-Mart, we headed home.  I stopped by to check in on my daddy since he lives across the street from us.  I thought I'd offer to "get him out of the house" for a bit if he was up to it!  He was happy to ride to town so we made his grocery list and headed to Food Lion.  While there, I picked up a few things and knew what would be for supper!  My sister and I take turns making sure daddy has a hot supper.  Since we both work full time, during the day, he can take care of his own breakfast and lunch.  Tonight I made my sister's famous Kielbasa and Taters casserole.   Here's a photo recipe:
Peel, cube and stew some taters:
 Brown 2 pkgs of Polish Kielbasa and 1/2 of a large sweet onion in a little bit of oil
 Sprinkle some Soul Food Seasoning on the Kielbasa and Onion while they cook!
This can be purchased at Dollar General for around $1.  BEST STUFF EVER!!!

When your taters are done, drain them and layer them in the bottom of a large pan.  I use the Deep Dish Baker from Pampered Chef.

 Add One 8 Oz. pkg of shredded cheese of your choice: 
 Cover with Kielbasa and Onion.
Next Layer use the other bag of cheese.
Bake, uncovered at 450 degrees for about 10-15 minutes or long enough to let the cheese melt.  All of your ingredients are cooked, so you just need to melt the cheese:

Serve with a giant hoe-cake:

Be sure to take your daddy a huge plate, making sure to throw in some good field peas and enjoy!!!

Since I can't have popcorn anymore, I decided on another use for my favorite popcorn bowl:
It can hold my candle and pip berries!

 Can't wait to start this soon!!!  I love her books!
 Robbie and I will be using these for an upcoming blog post for Valentine's Day!  Come back soon!!!

I hope you all have enjoyed our little chit-chat!
I'm working on uploading my cooking video to YouTube, but it's taking forever!

Have a great night, or day or morning!!!
See you soon!!!
{Please leave me a comment and let me know you were here!!}  {Thanks!!!}

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Where Were We??

Hey Y'all!
Good gravy, feels like it's been forever.
I'm going to get better.  I miss my blog friends and I miss seeing what everyone's up to!

I have to update you all on what's been going on with me...

In February of last year, I went to the emergency room with horrible abdominal pain.  They did some tests and found that I had a bad case of diverticulitis.  After some IV pain meds and some antibiotics, I came home.  I was awfully sore for a few days, but it got much better.

In July, Big Daddy, Robbie and I were out shopping and ended up going through the Drive-Thru at Taco Bell for supper.  I had their Mexican Pizza and one hard shell taco.  The next morning, around 4:00 AM, I woke with the chills and was shaking and jerking uncontrollably.  I was FREEZING!  I went out to my car, turned the heat on high, and sat there until I calmed down.  This was a Saturday morning.  By Monday morning, I was hurting so bad, I ended up back at the ER.  This time, I was admitted and was told my colon had perforated.  I was there for 4 days with antibiotics and pain meds and was released.

Within a week, I was right back and was in the worst pain ever.  They did exploratory surgery and ended up removing 8 inches of my colon ALONG WITH my right ovary.  It had gangrene in it!!!  I had NO idea!
I went in on a Wednesday night and came home on Sunday morning.  All was well, or so I thought.

The following Wednesday morning, I was using the bathroom and felt something pop.  My hands started shaking and I was in the most horrible pain ever.  We rushed back to the ER again and I made Big Daddy take me to the same entrance the ambulances use.  I had horrible chest pains, couldn't breathe, and couldn't stop shaking from pain.

They did more tests again and found that I was suffering from SEPSIS!!  I had emergency "clean-out" surgery that evening.  During surgery, they inserted a breathing tube and put me on a ventilator, in case I needed another surgery to clean out again.  Two days later, I went back into surgery to be cleaned out again. I ended up being on the ventilator for a total of 8 days.  My lungs were too weak and they couldn't wean me off.

Now, I have a colostomy bag.  UGH!  It's been almost 6 months.  I hate it, but I am thankful for it.  It saved my life.

They are hoping that it's temporary.  I go Monday at 1:30 for my colonoscopy.  This is my first time with one of those.  I'll also have a CT scan and a Barium Enema, to see what's left inside.  The doctor who did my surgeries this past summer, has retired.  Before he left, he referred me to a specialist in my area who is actually an expert in this field.

I should know, pretty soon, whether or not this can be reversed!

Hope you're all doing well!  I've truly missed reading about your lives and I look forward to hearing from many of you!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Well, Well, Well...
Look who's back!

I just wrapped up my 22nd year of teaching and I couldn't be more excited about the official beginning of summer here at The Doublewide!

There are a TON of things on my list to do.  I'm going to just leave it here so that I can be a little more accountable.
1.  Clean out old clothing and donate what's not being used.
2.  Organize and purge my craft room.
3.  Get Robbie's Play Room done.  He really needs his own space to play and have a great time!
4.  Plan our summer vacation to visit the Amish Community in Lancaster, PA again this summer.
5.  Crochet and Sew at least 30 minutes every day!
6.  Get Ebay store back up and running!

Here's a picture of Robbie now.  He just finished the third grade with straight A's and he earned his Accelerated Reader goals every nine weeks.  Super proud of this miracle sweetheart!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Cade's Cove, TN

Good Morning Y'all!

It's Friday!  It's HAPPY FRIDAY to ya!

I'm giving a test today on Genre and Sub-genre so while I'm waiting on my students to get finished, I began thinking of the one single place I'd rather be.  I love being where I am right now, but...IF I could choose another place, I'd pick Cade's Cove.

Cade's Cove is located in The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  It's a very old community from the 1800s.  Some houses are still standing.  Some of the old churches are still there and are actually operational at times.

There's a running mill and grist mill as well.

I went there while my husband and I were on our honeymoon way back in 1994.  We visited there again on our "One Year Anniversary" trip in 1995.  We went there on a visit when Robbie was about 2-3 years old.  I could go one time a year and it still wouldn't be enough!

It's a little one lane road that winds all around the community.  You can drive in your vehicle, ride bikes, walk it, whatever.  Just make sure you take it all in while you're there!
It is absolutely beautiful.

There's so much history there that so many people know nothing about.
How many novels or short stories are waiting to be written with this place as it's setting?
Ahhh....what I wouldn't give for some good ol' Mountain Air running through my lungs right about now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's ALREADY October!

Hey Y'all!
Long time, no...well you get it.
Just wanted to drop in and let all 2 of my loyal followers know that my love of blogging has now been renewed!
I am in the midst of reading a WONDERFUL novel called, The All You Can Dream Buffet, by Barbara O'Neal.  It is so relaxing and refreshing and it made me miss blogging.  Seriously.
So much so that I am excited about it.  Can't wait to get back into it!
I really suggest that you run to your local "wherever it is you get your books at" store and get your hands on it.  I can't put it down!!
Here's the cover:

Thank you Charlotte,  over at for always commenting on my blogs that have been very few and far between!!   I hope to be lucky enough to meet you one day.  We only live 30 minutes apart!  Let's MAKE it happen...whadda ya say girl?

Finally, just a quick update on the family if you're interested.
Robbie is now a third grader.  He's absolutely precious and I am constantly amazed at his quick wit and sense of humor.  I am so thankful, every single day, that we were given such an outstanding gift from the Lord.
Here's Robbie with a friend during our hometown's annual Country Fest this past weekend.  He had a great time!!

The rest of us are doing pretty good.
My sister, her husband, and their three year old, Sawyer moved into their new house during late June. We are SO excited for them and are SO happy!  They're right next door to The Doublewide and I love having them so close!
This picture of Robbie and I was taken behind their house this past June on Father's Day.  They still had to lay the cement tiles down for their patio.

Here's a picture of me, my daddy, my sister and my brother.  Love 'em to pieces!

OK....that's enough for now!
Please check back tomorrow.  I have a WONDERFUL idea already rolling around in my mind about my post for tomorrow.
See y'all!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Again, it's been awhile since I've been here.
We lost mama on March 16th at 11:15 PM.  She left this world holding my hand.
We are learning that life goes on.
We are learning that we are thankful that we did have the time with her to say goodbye and leave nothing left unsaid.
We are learning that we miss her something awful!

Big Daddy, Robbie and myself just got home last night from a week's vacation.  We visited:
Lancaster, PA (and surrounding towns)
Hershey, PA
Warrenton, VA

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed relaxing and spending time with each other.

We enjoyed visiting the Amish and looking at all of the beautiful farms.

I got LOTS of retail therapy in while on vacation too!

Hope to hear from some of you!
Have a great week!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Unexpected Day Off...YAY!

Hey Y'all
I am so excited to share that I got the day off today.
My daddy had some things he needed to get done and since mama needs someone with her at all times, I took the day off.
We have had a pretty good day.
Her Hospice nurse and CNA came out this morning and gave her a bath.  While here, her blood pressure was checked.  It was 106 over 66.  That's a little low for her, but it was good.
I did manage to get about 6-8 bites of applesauce in her AND she took her morning pills.  We've not been giving those to her lately because she isn't doing well swallowing all of the time.
I've sat around and done some crochet, played a few games on Facebook, and enjoyed spending the day with her.
Hope things are well your way!